Air Force USA?

Air Force USA is the trademarked brand of inflatable image technologies.

Specialist, unique inflatable technologies solutions are delivered in the form of unique Systems - people-pulling ShowDome, spectacular SuperShowDome and exceptional ShelterMe, all custom-made for specific objectives.

There is nothing like them, whichever way you look at them; and nothing like the ingenuity, dedication and passion that go into each, individual design.

Which is why custom-created, brand-specific designs have been created for and brilliantly served the needs of world-leading brands in IT, entertainment, leisure, consumer retail, telcoms, beverages, sport, employment/recruitment, and more.

'iit' has been around since 1995, when it became an amalgam of three separate, complementary, inflatable-technology businesses with history going back as far as 25 years. Although we're known for the famous kangaroos-on-bikes of the Atlanta Olympics Ceremony, clients "who know" recognise the special talents which have created unique, patented ShowDome and SuperShowDome, as well as design-registered ShelterMe.

We're in Australia. Crikey! it's 'Down Under'! Fortunately, in this shrinking world, just an email or phone call away; and our communications, quality and servicing standards are why the brands shown in our photo galleries are continually enjoying brilliant results, their agencies awards, and consumers experiential delights. They keep coming back, too!

Patented ShowDome Patented SuperShowDome Design-Registered ShelterMe
The 'compact' form of inflatable event dome
  • almost-instant erection, demount
  • enviable construction standards
  • lo-cost operation
  • compact in storage and transport
  • rugged and made to last
  • operationally consistent
  • able to be formatted in a huge variety of presentation configurations
  • unique

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Incredible 'WOW!'
  • large-footprint extension of ShowDome technologies
  • extraordinary presence
  • labor-saving bump-in/bump-out timings
  • compared to any alternative, simple in erection & takedown
  • packs, ships super-compact
  • award-winning
  • unique

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  • a genuinely, refreshingly stand-out experiential solution
  • fast-up, fast-down
  • draws attention, pulls crowds
  • super-compact storage-transportability
  • unique

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